Good infrastructure plays a vital role in the development of a child’s learning atmosphere. There are several empirical researches which certify that infrastructure works as a building block in a child’s overall development. Michael Job Matriculation Higher Secondary School provides the child with top-notch infrastructure in the form of buildings, classrooms, library, playground, laboratories etc. which increases a child’s curiosity to attain knowledge.


A colossal auditorium is available where programmes, seminars and events are organised. The auditorium is spacious with top-notch technology.


The school library has over 4,000 books which cover a wide variety of books that are required for the intellectual development of a student. In addition to that, it has a vast collection of latest books, newspapers and periodicals. The library teaches the students that the world is beyond their classrooms, and it helps them develop the skills of comprehension, creativity and analysis.

Science Laboratories

The school has a Biology, Chemistry and a Physics Lab which are fully-equipped science laboratories . The labs help the students to develop their practical knowledge of the subject under the guidance of their teachers, they are able to explore the wide range of the scientific world with the help of practical experience.





Computer Laboratories

The school has two computer labs which are equipped with 60 computers . The computer lab facilitates the exploration of the larger world of information. The students learn from the basics to Code-writing in the computer labs.

Cross Platform

Assembly Platform

The Assembly-platform is right in front of the school, and it is the home to assembly programmes, small ceremonies and prize distributions. The platform is flanked with a garden on both sides.

Sports Stadium

The school holds all its sports-related competition in the oval-shaped Stadium. The stadium is multi-purpose with tracks and a football field. It also has a play garden for junior students which has a variety of swings and slides. Several sports like Kabaddi, Football, Volleyball, Throwball, Long Jump, High Jump, Javelin Throw, Athletics, Short put etc. are held here, and it is the foundation for the several championships bagged by the students.

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