Life at MJC

MJC is focused on empowering women to reach their potential and we are excited that you are interested in shaping your future with us. 

Student Office bearers

Head Girl: Silvana Rai, XI


Name Of The Captain

Name Of The Vice Captain





Jade Chingngaihdim

Sumarlang Lapasam

Celia Rai

Snehalata Nayak

Durga Gurung


Mahima Oraon

Manisha Darjee

Student Clubs

We have a host of Student Clubs that add excitement and vibrancy to the lives of the children. These clubs aim to enhance the students’ knowledge, while giving them avenues to explore their creative side

Magazine Club

The school has released the school magazine ‘ZFLAIR’ in 2019 -2020. The school magazine encourages the students to augment their creative writing skills. The magazine also gives a platform to the students to exhibit their talents which will in turn, boost their morale. The activities undertaken are:

  • Collection of creations by the students
  • Consolidating the students’ creation and compiling it to make a digital magazine.
  • Time to time meeting of the creators.
  • Students from class 1 to XII are the members. Any student can step in and contribute their creation.

The faculty leading this initiative are, Ms. Catherine and Ms. Sherin

Maths Club

The club encourages the students to develop their mental math competence. It also puts them on the pedestal when they participate in Maths Quizzes both in the internal and external competition. Besides the co-curricular activities, it also helps them in their regular maths syllabus.

Science Club - Acharya Club

The Acharya Club motivates the students to participate in inter-school exhibitions and encourages them to build eco-friendly projects and school exhibitions. It helps the students get the practical knowledge of their subjects, and it helps them to dive in the intricacies of the subject. The activities undertaken are:

  • Encouraging students to try simple experiments based on everyday activity.
  • Collection of Science related information from newspapers , magazines etc.
  • Collection of Plants and Chart making on amazing facts about Science
  • Periodical information sharing on safety measures.

The faculty leading this initiative are, Ms. Poongothai and Ms. Kalpana

Art Club - Colour Bands

The art club of the MJC School enables the students to enhance their painting skills through the workshops organised by the school. The art club provides a platform for the pupils to develop their creativity and self-expression and gain a greater understanding of concepts and ideas in art. The activities Undertaken are as follows:

  • Encouraging the young to do their best in Drawing , Painting or any other Art form.
  • Time to Time activity Co- Ordinating with the Pidilite Industry.
  • Teaching them to make things from Waste Materials.

The art activities are conducted in coordination with the Pidilite Industries, the manufacturers of Fevicryl Products. The Fevicol group organises and assigns tasks to the students of the school, and they complete it by putting their best foot forward. The school has been ranked second in the section of creativity by the Fevicol Group.


The faculty leading this initiative are, Ms Anitha and Ms Jenifer Nancy


MJC School Band

Any programme or function is incomplete without the mellifluous melodies of the school band. The students are trained to master the art of playing instruments like the Drum, Trumpet, Side-drum and Cymbals. Band Practise is conducted twice a week for the students of Class I- IX. The band, as a troupe, learns the qualities of discipline, unity and a sense of community. The band symbolises uniformity, discipline and musical dexterity. The band performs at District Level Competitions and displays organised by the Government departments. The school band also participates in the Inter-School Band Competitions, and they have won several prizes for the same.

Renaissance Festival

Renaissance is an annual inter-school academic competition conducted by Michael Job Institutions. As the name suggests, the competition is the sign of revival and re-emergence of new talents, and it gives students a platform to showcase their talent. The inter-school competition started in the year 2013, and it marked the revival of the institution after the sudden demise of its founder, Dr. PP Job in the year 2012. Renaissance holds several events like Dance Competition, Singing Competition, Essay Writing Competition, Elocution and several other art, academic and cultural competitions. It also has a separate competition for children of the kindergarten named Kidsfest. The Kidsfest has a carnival aesthetic attached around the usual competitions held for the junior kids.

Student Testimonials

The first thing that pops up in my head, whenever someone asks me about Michael Job School is that ‘It was not just a School it was my Home’. I have been very lucky to be a part of the MJC School where I inculcated various skills for the betterment of my life. Eventually, it made me a better person and helped me lead a life towards success and happiness. I am very grateful to the founder of the school, Dr. P P Job who was such an inspiration and a great role model for every student of the MJC School. I had an amazing experience of 9 Years and I studied there till I completed my 12th Grade. During my time there, I was blessed with wonderful mentors in The MJC School. Alongside, I have made friends who are like my family and are still in touch with me till date. My obligation to the School has no bounds because I am who I am now because of the teachings and the ecosystem of happiness of the MJC School. Currently, I am working as a Finance and Administration Manager at a reputed firm in New Delhi and it is all because of the guidance provided by the MJC School.
Deepika Gurung
New Delhi
Being a part of Michael Job School has always been special. It's a school which feels like home, a home encompassed with love. Looking back, I can certainly say that Michael Job School was the most important milestone in my life. Throughout the academic session, it challenged me to discover capabilities that I never knew I had. With the help of my mentors, I completed 5 incredible years and those years were the golden years of my life. I am very grateful to DR P. P Job, the founder of the institutions, who gave me the opportunity to be a part of the MJC School. Currently, I am working as an Inbound Executive in a firm at New Delhi. My education at the MJC School has been an unforgettable journey; a journey that has changed my life.
Tshring Denka Bhuta
New Delhi