We believe that nurturing the creativity of a child is a very crucial part of care and teaching. It provides them with a warm and safe environment where their cognitive and social skills also develop while they enjoy and have fun.

Art Camp

The students of the MJC School attended the five- day long Art Camp which is a part of the annual Summer Camp in 2018. The students joined together and created a masterpiece which outshines in the foyer of the administrative block.

The students created the picture collage under the guidance of Ms. Gesine, an old friend of the institution who is an art and craft enthusiast. After dividing the students into four groups, she asked them to build an imaginary animal out of coconut shell and leaves. On the other four days, the students were supposed to draw multiple pictures which revolved around the central theme of the rainbow as it signifies diversity and unity. On the last day of the art camp, they created a massive collage of all the pictures that they drew on all four days of the art camp. The collage is a beautiful piece of art which signifies the unity and creativity of the students. While drawing the pictures, the students learnt the qualities of patience and team-work.

Raksha Bandhan

The MJC School takes great interest in participating in competitions conducted by different organisations for the front line warriors in order to pay their respect and appreciate their hard work and dedication. Pidilite Industries commenced an initiative named ‘Fevicreate’ where it pledged to create two and a half lakh Rakhis in collaboration with several schools for the soldiers who are protecting India. The MJC School did not think twice before joining with the organisation for the noble deed. The MJC School joined the initiative with great ardour, and all the students of the school participated in the initiative. The students felt that a small gesture would mean a lot for the soldiers on the borders. The students made a total of 450 rakhis for the brothers and sisters who are protecting us at all times. The rakhis were sent to the Wellington Cantonment, Ooty though the Pidilite Group and the school is delighted to be a part of such an exceptional scheme.

Creation of Natural Water Filter at ‘Our Girls in Action’

Curiosity can take a student to a superior level of intellect. The inter-school science exhibitions are the test of a student’s curiosity, and it helps them to materialise their ideas into literal projects. Our students have aced the test of science exhibitions, and they have created something unique, which is much needed in the present times.

The students of the Science Stream of Class XII participated in the ‘Our Girls in Action’ which is an Inter-School Revenue District Level Competition. The students were extremely vivacious about the competition as they could use all the knowledge that they have learnt in the books.

They joined hands and came up with a natural water purifier which became the talk of the exhibition. The idea was rightly proven by their model, and the design was perfect. The design and execution of the model were much appreciated by the judges, and they also received two requests to construct the model for the other parties. Alongside scientific procedures, the students also learnt team-work, patience, time-management and cooperation; qualities which will be much needed in their adult life.

Limca Book of World Record

Computer knowledge is the key to the future, especially after the deadly virus has hit us like a blitzkrieg this year. When we narrow it down, Coding is one of the most important skills to attain after the New Education Policy was introduced this year. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Coding is a critical skill that drives the digital world, and it is the chalice that holds the portion of success.

The students at the MJC School were taught the skill of Coding a year prior to the pandemic, and they have already done wonders in the field. The students of XI and XII Grade participated in the Let’s Code Coimbatore- a thirty-hour Coding Fest held at KG Information Systems Private Limited Institute of Technology (KGiSL). The fest was based on the central theme of ‘Coding Literacy’, and the students of the MJC School did astoundingly well. They won the Kingdom of God Award, and they were also a part of the Limca Book of World Record.

The students brought honour and pride to the school and held our heads high with their exceptional performance.

Spreading Love and Joy through Christmas Cards

Christmas is a festival which sparks joy and warmth, and who doesn’t love a gratifying Christmas card on their table in the mellow month where everyone is gearing up for a new start. Christmas is incomplete without a delightful Christmas card. So, the students of the MJC School made loads of Christmas cards and it was eventually sent to all the well-wishers of the Institutions.

The students assemble every December and make numerous Christmas and New Year cards wishing people prosperity, success and love. Their creativity touches the roof during this season as they create beautiful cards which will turn on the atmosphere of the Christmas season in any corner of the world immediately.

The school has collaborated with Pidilite; hence, they trained the students to use OHP sheets for painting and art purposes. The training brought phenomenal results, and the students created beautiful cards to glow up the hearts of everyone.