Our Faculty

Ms. J Poongothai

P.G Assistant

Ms. Poongothai has done her M.Sc in Mathematics and M.Ed. She has an experience of 10 years, she teaches General Science, Biology and is also the Higher Secondary Coordinator. She is extremely hardworking and believes in academic excellence.

Ms. S Poornima

P.G Assistant

Ms. Poornima has done her M.Sc in Mathematics and M.Ed.She is a patient and passionate teacher who does her magic with numbers by teaching it in a simple, yet effective way. She has an experience of three years.

Ms. N Kalpana

P.G Assistant

Ms. Kalpana has done her M.Sc in Physics and B.Ed. Being an experienced Physics teacher, she deals with the subject in a very practical manner. She coordinates all the science exhibitions internally and prepares the students for the external science exhibitions too. She has an experience of 3 years.

Ms. S Sweetlin Sharmila

P.G Assistant

Ms. Sweetlin has done her M.Sc. in Chemistry and B.Ed . She is a young and effective chemistry teacher who brings in the enthusiasm to teach in an innovative manner. She has an experience of 3 years.

Ms. T Manimegalai

P.G Assistant

Ms. Manimegalai has done her B.Sc. and M.Ed. She is the coordinator for the High School. She renders sincere work in the subjects of Science and Tamil. She has helped the students in challenging times. She has over 7 years of experience

Ms. A Pushpa

P.G Assistant

Ms. Pushpa has done M.A (Social Science) and D.T.Ed. She is an active SST teacher who gives the subject a new perspective. She has great interest in learning about historical events and teaching them to the students in a precise manner. She has over 4 years of experience

Ms. M. Beulah Mercy

Sec. Grade Teacher

Ms. Beulah Mercy has done B.A, D.T.Ed and is very good with the kids and all the kindergarten children love her. She brings a tinge of fun to the education given to the budding learners. She has over 3 years of experience

Ms. K Nithya

Sec. Grade Teacher

Ms. Nithya has done B.A, D.T.E and B.Ed. She is a curious kindergarten teacher who believes that kids should be taught with much attention as they are future. She has over 3 years of experience

Ms. K Jeevitharani

Sec. Grade Teacher

Ms. Jeevitha has done B.A, D.T.E and B.Ed. She is a primary school teacher who is interested in teaching Tamil, and she coordinates cultural programmes in the primary section. She has over 3 years of experience

Ms. K Keerthika


Ms. Keerthika is an avid reader herself and she manages the school library. She teaches the students to respect the aura of a library. She has over 2 years of experience

Ms. C Jaya

Sec. Grade Teacher

Ms. Jaya has done her B.Com, DECE. She is an experienced Primary school teacher who takes an interest in amalgamating teaching with fun activities. She teaches Tamil/ Maths and Moral Science. She has over 2 years of experience.

Ms. P Mallika

Sec. Grade Teacher

Ms. Mallika has done her B.LITT(Tamil) and D.T.Ed. She is a Primary school teacher who has the capability to engage with the senior classes too. She has over 2 years of experience.

Ms. N Poonam

Ms. Poonam has done MA (Hindi). She is a sincere teacher who teaches the students from the very basics to enhance their foundations. Her experience and eloquence in Hindi help the students score more. She has an experience of three years.

Ms. Rini Simon

P.G Assistant

Ms. Rini has done her M.Com and B.Ed. She is a young teacher who brings in a new approach to the subjects she teaches. She has the ability to develop a relationship with her students and that removes the hesitancy while teaching. With an experience of two years, Ms. Rini is an asset to the higher secondary school.

Ms. B Pavithra

B.E. Computer Science

Ms Pavithra has done B.E( Computer Science). She helps the students learn about computers. She also coordinates with external faculties and guest lecturers who give knowledgeable inputs to the students. She has about one year of experience.

Ms. Merin Susan

Ms. Merin has done B.Sc. (Computer Science) and is an energetic young computer science teacher.. She loves to conduct technical programmes. She is a teacher who is extremely patient with the students. She has an experience of one year.

Ms. R.G Akhalya

Ms Akhalya has done her MBA. She teaches English and Hindi .She has a patient, kind and caring personality and she caters to the learning speed of every student. She has an experience of one year.