Rebecca & Martha make MJC proud

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Rebecca and Martha are our old students, They joined MJC when they were very young and now completed their education at MJC. Rebecca has finished her Post Graduation and Martha her Graduation. Now they are working  and living with their sisters and brother in Bangalore.  

These girls after having spent around 14 years at this centre and educated under the guidance of Late Dr. P.P. Job have been more than proud to be back to MJC to share their pride with their friends after and when they started working. They came over and hosted a special dinner for the those still studying at MJC on the occasion of the “Children Day”. Following is an article written by Rebecca on how MJC changed their life

Martha & Rebecca

My sister Martha and I were admitted to MJC by Uncle Job when we were very young, I was only ten years old and my sister was barely seven.  We knew nothing of where we were going. Often we asked our mom and she just told us that we are going to a better place for education. As normal kids we whined a lot, telling her we do not want to leave but she  made us happy with few chocolate bars. I still remember those days as if it happened yesterday; we were in Imphal waiting for our bus to take us to the train station. Mom sat with us, prayed for us and all the while my sister and I did not shed a single tear. Even then I had a feeling that we were going to a beautiful place and I will make mom proud. We didn’t know that it was the last time we were ever gonna see our mom (She passed away in 2005 while we were at the centre). Had we known, we could have clung to her a little longer, wailed and begged her not to let us go but as the truth says “God has a Plan & Purpose for Us”. We had lost our father when I was only five.

I can say with confidence that ‘had we not been accepted by Uncle Job, we would not be where are today. He educated us, taught us everything we need to know and blessed us with his inspiring life story. Looking back at our life under his guidance I’m awed at how much he loved us and I know for sure that there will not be another person as dedicated in serving Children’s needs more than he did. He loved us dearly and clearly I don’t recall him having any partiality. When we were still very young during 2000-2005; He would visit us often and when he does, us girls used to stand in line to shake hands with him and cry like babies when he leaves for Delhi. I never got the privilege to sit on his lap as I was a little older then. But my sister Martha told me she sat on his lap with many of her friends and he taught them to sing ‘Amen…’ chorus. My sister was a naughty girl and most probably many would have heard the story of her falling two storeys. When she fell, I was cleaning tables in the dining hall, engrossed in my own world and had no idea of what happened. Only when some girls came running to me did I know something was wrong. I rushed to the spot and there was Uncle almost in tears and they carried my sister to a room nearby; Uncle Job and the pastor laid hands on her and prayed.  He stayed with her until she woke up, took her on an evening walk holding her hands. 

Dr Job and Rebecca

During the first years of the institution, Uncle used to take all of us for evening walks and most would fight with one another to hold his hands. If I am not wrong, we used to run as fast as we could to hold his hands and again, I never got that privilege but my sister did. The reason I am sharing this story is because I want to let you know how much a blessing it is to be adopted by Uncle Job. He really is noble man and not what the papers would have portrayed him to be.  I have other similar incidents where Uncle has proved to be our father over and over again but sharing all of them would have to take many pages. Ha ha. . . The one thing I most liked about him is his Persistence. I am a very shy girl and do not indulge publicly like my younger sister. Like many other, Uncle Job sure did notice that which is why he often tell of our tales (My sister and mine) in chapels calling it ‘Inheritance’ and ‘Achieved leadership’. He forced me to get involved in many leadership activities, taught me to take initiative and succeeded in making me a leader or in his terms ‘Achieved leadership’. I wouldn’t lie, I was often angry when he pushed me to come out of my comfort shell but today I am more than grateful that I listened to him even when I didn’t want to. You see, my father passed away when I was very little and Uncle coming into my life has never made me long for a dad, He really was a father to us all. I like to think that he was more caring than any father could have been.

Now Martha and I are working and living in Bangalore with family.  I work as a Sales Executive at Pearson’s Educational Services and Martha, a Quality Analyst at TLI Software. Though I studied IT at the center, right now I am in sales but I enjoy what I do. It’s wonderful how things take good turns when we let God work in us. I am under training for software testing after which I will be a software tech. We are what we are because of all the prayers of the supporters the mission Uncle Job started.

The Christmas season is here and we yearn so much to spend our time at the center. It is during these months June and December that our feelings for MJC heighten even more as it during these times that we all gather and make merry. The Christmases, the conferences, the skits, the special foods, dances etc are memories that we will never forget and will be with us for the rest of our lives. A big part of our lives is spent there, the center and everything that’s got to do with its welfare has also become our responsibility or in other words we feel responsible for the Center’s well-being.

It’s been almost a year and half that I left the center while Martha left in 2011. She left prior to me because she was diagnosed with a dreaded skin disease called ‘Phemphigus Vulgaris’. The course of her treatment was a terrible phase of our life and so my family decided it was best she came home. Even after being out of the campus Uncle Job still kept himself updated with her progress and also assisted financially. I have personally witnessed his benevolent concern for all of usl, only the girls in the centre or out will know what a wonderful and generous God-father he had been. Since being accepted by Uncle Job in 2000, we have not gone back to our native Manipur. We don’t look forward to going there however we are always excited about our next visit to the center. Especially my sister has already been planning her next visit, telling me that she wants to volunteer while being on a holiday from work. Martha hopes that someday she can be a missionary and serve the children like her but again that’s her plan for now and we all know everything is in God’s hands but with time and maturity our plans often changes. MJC has become a part of our lives and we keep ourselves updated with the blog from the center.

My family and I are more than grateful for all the things that the center has done for us. Uncle Job and Aunty Mary for their generous contribution to our growing up, the staff members and everyone included for moulding us to be independent and hardworking. We thank you for making us part of an amazing family. We will always support and pray for the good of the center.

We are really proud to call ourselves MJC alumnae