Outstanding Performance by MJC in Higher Secondary Examinations March 2014.

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As a cyclonic storm and high winds hit the headlines last week, the residents of rain- starved Coimbatore rejoiced as rain fell on the parched land after nearly a year.  The results of the Higher Secondary examinations were a cause for celebration at MJC because we know that academic excellence is the cornerstone of a good institution. The Grade XII students of the Michael Job Matriculation Higher Secondary School strove for the best, rather than settle for average performance. They sure did their institution proud!  Here are the girls who have made it to the Roll of Honour:

  • Sujata Chhetri                – 1140 marks (95%) 
  • Subashini M                   – 1127 marks (94%). 
  • Deepika Gurung            – 1114 marks (93%). 
  • Smyrna Karjee              – 1062 marks (89%).
  • Sangita Chhetri             – 990   marks  (83%).
  • Nilima Mukhiya             – 983   marks (82%).
  • Sujata Pradhan              – 963    marks (80%).

Well done Children, Congratulations. The School achieved 96% pass, i.e. 24 out of 25. None of the above students had  any private tuition, which made this achievement a real one.  A reception was organized in their honour at the John Job auditorium at 6.30 p.m on 9th May. Their efforts were lauded and gifts were presented to them.