Code of conduct


  1. Students should obey the rules and regulations laid by the College authorities scrupulously.
  2.  Ragging is an offence by law. Students indulging in ragging will be dismissed.
  3. Cell phones are prohibited on campus.
  4. Students are expected to attend the College well groomed and neatly dressed.
  5. Students are advised to leave their footwear outside when entering the Library and Computer Lab.
  6. Students should wear their ID cards daily.
  7. Students are forbidden from writing on the walls and desks, etc.
  8. Students found guilty of damaging College property will be expected to replace the same at their own cost.
  9. College fees should be paid in the stipulated time.
  10. Students should not trespass the College boundaries on any account.
  11. Students found guilty of using foul language or rude behaviour will be expelled.
  12. Students’ vehicles should be parked only in the parking space.
  13. Students should maintain proper respect and rapport with all the teaching staff and fellow students.
  14. If a student is convicted of any offence in a criminal court, she will not be permitted to continue her studies at the College.
  15. Fees, once paid by the student, will not be refunded on any account.


Every student will be provided with an identity card with her photo duly attested by the Principal. Students are required to keep their identity cards with them always.



MJC is committed to achieve the highest order of excellence when it comes to exam conduct. When conducting examinations, the College strictly follows the rules and regulations of Bharathiar University as per directives of the College Principal. University examinations conducted for the Departments of Tamil, English, Maths, Zoology, Computer Science, Information Technology, and Commerce include Theory, Practical and online examinations. All these are conducted under the surveillance of External Senior Supervisor (Appointed by the University) & Internal Senior Supervisor (Appointed by Principal).

Exam Cell Committee Members:

Ms. I. Yasmine.

Ms. R. Bannari.

Ms. S. Mekala.

Ms. N. Nithya.



Attending the College Assembly is important for both students and faculty members. The Assembly is a collective event, where all members of the MJC family can get information, share details about latest developments and even be entertained. Participating in the Assembly can be a good character building exercise for all involved. Students and faculty from each department must participate in the Assembly in rotation. Being late for class after attending the Assembly shall be considered an absence, unless it is reported in advance.

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